Food Tourism

Food is simply a matter of traveling beyond the country to find great food from different mother tongue. The further they are willing to travel, the broader the range of culinary experiences will be. Food Tourism plays a vital role in the tourism industry as it is one of the major factors for selecting a tourist destination. Eating out is most common for any tourist and more importantly they would want to explore the local and traditional cuisine.

Best Malaysia’s Food Tour
Malaysian cuisine through the culture

Malaysian cuisines reflect the mixture of ethnic groups in the country’s population. The three most prominent cuisines are Chinese, Indian, and Malay. Popular Chinese foods include sweet-and-sour Cantonese dishes and a milder favourite, Hainanese chicken rice.

Indian cuisine ranges from the hot vegetarian dishes of southern Indian cooking to the more subtly spiced Muslim Indian food to the yogurt-marinated meats of tandoori cookery from northern India. All these foods, while recognizably Chinese or Indian, have developed a distinctly Malaysian character.

Traditional Malay cuisine consists of white rice served with various curries and fried dishes. Sate, small skewers of chicken or beef dipped in a spicy peanut sauce, nasi goreng and nasi lemak which is coconut rice served with fried anchovies, peanuts, and a curry dish, are among the most common Malay foods. Noodles, cooked and served in various styles, are also local favourites.